Home Pro Repairs take the PRO in the name seriously. We are professional.
I'm comfortable and compentent to handle your jobs. -- Frank

In 1994 I worked for a general contractor who built medium and high-end homes. I watched, learned and practiced. I lauched my home repair business in 1996. Over the years I gained more confidence to tackle bigger projects. In this time I developed a home repair website which became one of the top 10 home improvement websites in the country. I sold the site in 2002 and refocused my attention to Information Technology. I realized sitting behind a computer for 1000s of hours wasn't for me. I prefer to work with my hands and make something tangible. I take pride in every project and I believe in doing it right. I'm not the short-cut type. In 2018 I renamed and relaunched my home repair business as Home Pro Repairs.

Civic Engaged

Involved in two commissions. I currently enjoy a Durham City Council appointment as well as a liaison appointment.

RAC Commission - Appointed
DOST Commission - Liason

Personally Engaged

My hobbies include:

Hiking and Camping
Flight Simming

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